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We have been living in a paradigm shift from sick care to wellness care in America. Over the last decade, this shift has lead to personal ownership for many people – ownership of their own wellness and well-care. However, with this shift, a lot of information has come out, as well as a lot of platforms from which to share.

I am a pharmacist who has always known traditional medicine is lacking in its ability to fix the issue of illness and disease. I am an organized soul, and can communicate well and succinctly, getting to the main point in a logical manner that people can digest.

This blog is going to be partly for me, where I can document my journey to health and wellness, as well as the things I learn along the way.Your blog can also exist to help you. It can be a place where you document and share your journey, so you may even be the audience you’re creating the blog for.

  1. Provide well-organized, short snippets of wellness care information, from a functional medicine standpoint.
    • I am a homeschool mom and business owner, active in our large (and growing) homeschool community, church, and sports for my growing boys. I need information to be digestible in the few moments I have to gather my thoughts. I know I am not alone. I don’t always have time to listen to a hour long podcast – or even a 30 minute podcast. I also don’t always have the time or attention span to read a long article. I know I am not alone. I see a need for quality functional medicine wisdom nuggets, organized in an easy to access way, for the busy adult desiring something different than the status quo in their wellness/health paradign.
  2. Recommend doable action steps for people to start to feel better, based on their current status.
    • Because of my training and beliefs, I can make recommendations that can help someone, based on their own assessment of their current status. Quality is very important when it comes to supplements. I also believe that “poly-pharmacy” in the name of “natural health” is not a trade off we should make. We need to be rigorous in what we choose to use, and how we choose to use them. So, sometimes, recommendations may be in the form of nutrition, sleep, relaxation, etc so our bodies can realign to function as they are meant.

3. Create templates, printables, workbooks and courses that will help people navigate specific health trends or needs.


This blog will be for downloading functional-focused health knowledge in easy to digest formats – short clips linked to longer reads, if desired, and downloadable helps.

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