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We Believe In Empowering People Through Education and Truth

In today’s age of information, how do you sort through the noise? We strive to bring you non-biased truth in the healthcare industry, and help you sort through that noise.

At ECP Functional Rx, our goal is to bring health-related information directly to you.  We believe the functional and integrative health approach is what is going to bring wellness back to our society.  As pharmacists, we align with the functional approach, specifically, which is figuring out what the underlying cause of your dis-ease is, and treating that, versus hacking at the leaves (i.e. symptoms) with medication after medication.  Our bodies are amazing machines, designed very specifically to do what they should be doing.  However, most of us face situations in our lives and environments that are causing that well-designed system to become unaligned.  Symptoms – high blood pressure, migraines, stomach concerns – these are all messages from our body letting us know something is out of whack.  And sometimes, it takes a lot of digging on our parts to figure out exactly what that is.  Functional medicine looks at the individual.  We are here to partner with you and your provider, to help you gather information that is timely and studied, so you can get to the root cause of your dis-ease and help you live a health, well-balanced life.


Unbiased source of information in the healthcare industry.

Fulfilled Life

Information applied will lead you on the path to your most fulfilled life.


Learning how to apply the information gained into your own personal journey.

About Us…

We are Harley and Erin.  We have both been pharmacists for >20 years.  Our passions is to help people with a functional medicine approach – to give you timely, scientifically backed information that will help you and your provider get to the root of your health concerns – or to help you stay healthy.  We want to take a moment to introduce ourselves…

Get the Most Current Information

As life-long learners, we gain focused and intentional continuing education, so we can bring that information to you.

Quality Nutraceuticals

If it is determined a nutraceutical regimen will help you on your path to wellness, we recommend high-quality, scientifically-backed products.  We can create a regimen specific to your needs, and offer 10% off the retail price for our clients.


I came to know Erin and Harley through the unfortunate event of my husband battling Covid-19 in March 2020. He is a medically retired veteran and lung cancer survivor at the age of 31. I, myself, have a certificate from the International Association of Wellness Professionals and have been teaching yoga and ayuerveda for the past decade. During this new and terrifying experience Erin and her husband provided our family with daily support and medical advice on how to care for my husband and ourselves at home. She gave me specific and scientific research and knowledge on how to super charge our immune systems and how to safely manage and care for a severe covid-19 patient. I can say with confidence and respect that Erin and Harley's experience, knowledge, and passion for alternative holistic services and modern medicine got us through this pandemic. They listened to our every concern, they updated us with daily recommendations and suggestions, and provided us the supplements and attention we needed in pressing time. I would highly recommend this dynamic duo at Evergreen Compounding Pharmacy. Thank you!

Amanda Pond
Salt and Oil Wellness
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Okay, so I'm a 46 year old man. A 46 year old man with the energy level of a grizzly January. Something was not right. I'd heard all the radio and tv ads about testosterone levels decreasing as you enter your mid-40s, causing energy loss, apathy, etc. Mostly I ignored them until it became my problem. I started doing my own research on the matter online, which was a nightmare. Impossible to know who to trust and who is just trying to sell you something. So I called Harley. I've known Harley and Erin for a long time, and I know they specialize in this area. No guessing, no ulterior motive. They know what they're talking about and they genuinely want to help. Within a month, I had my levels tested and was starting a supplement protocol to get my energy back. I know now that I am on the right path with information and I can work with my provider to get to the bottom of this; I have a path to increasing my energy and feeling better.

Jacob Carroll
Tend the Fire Ministries

I’ve been an ICU RN for 27 years and have always had an appreciation for health and wellness. Over the years I’ve learned that I would rather find ways to stay healthy than suffer illness and identify health threats early in the sick before they get more ill. The importance of prevention is a common theme both in my daily life and in caring for critically ill patients. Not until recent months when COVID 19 became a reality that I learned about ways to boost my immune system and help defend myself from the exposure I would be at risk for daily in the ICU. I learned about these supplements and specifically how they are Immuno-protective from Harley. His knowledge and information was extremely relevant and current—he anticipated the use of medications in treatment of COVID 19 before they were publicized in the mainstream media. As a result of the above, I have had many inquiries from co-workers about Harley and Erin’s pharmacy and ECP Functional Rx website. As a pair of pharmacists with a passion for health and wellness, they are a wealth of information and experience. Having Harley and Erin as a resource has been PRICELESS to myself and many frontline healthcare providers whom I work with, especially during this COVID 19 pandemic. Thank you guys!!

Kristina Poyner
Vancouver, WA

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